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Haynesville Shale Companies & Stocks - List of Well Drilling Companies

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The Haynesville Shale Natural Gas Field is being drilled by the following companies with their stocks also listed.  We also provide Haynesville Shale Formation news and updates regarding these companies and their stocks.  The Haynesville Shale Play has been a goldmine! These companies stand to benefit as Natural Gas continues to be extracted from the wells and the rise in Natural Gas goes higher.  The Haynesville Shale is here to stay.  If natural gas prices come down, production will go down so a ton of supply won't just hit the market.  If natural gas prices take off, the Haynesville Shale production will grow to meet demand.

- Chesapeake Energy ( CHK ) - Chesapeake is one of the largest operators at the Haynesville Shale Natural Gas Field and has done so at very little cost! 75% of CHK's acreage is located in Louisiana but they are drilling their first well in East Texas - Harrison County as of February 18, 2009.  They will report results in 30 days.

Chesapeake Energy on Haynesville Shale well rates:   The pressure pumping costs are coming down. Of course, we have a venture - Frac Tech - where we own 20% of it and so we're pretty close to that business. But as pumping services lagged coming up, they're now lagging coming down a little bit because of the backlog of wells that Shannon referenced and we talked about earlier in this call. But we're now seeing those costs coming down full force really in the middle of this quarter and going forward.  Drilling rig rates we talked about in our last call. We actually had an example of the Haynesville 1,500 horsepower rig that we were offered by a vendor and actually are paying - Steve, was it $10,000 a day or thereabouts for that rig?  $11,000. 
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- Devon Energy DVNAlthough remaining quiet, Devon Energy has 570,000 acres in the Haynesville Shale, DVN is one of the top landholders in the Haynesville Shale field. In the Haynesville Shale, we had 40,000 net acres in the fourth quarter bringing our total to 570,000 net acres in the play. Progress has been slowed due to mechanical issues in our first two horizontal wells. However, we have incorporated what we have learned into our third horizontal well which is currently completing. We are encouraged that our initial wells confirmed the presence of a sixth organic Haynesville Shale under our leasehold with high reservoir pressures. In 2009, we expect to maintain a two rig program and drill 11 Haynesville Shale wells in the year.

We also wanted to provide an update on our Haynesville fractured line play. As you may recall last quarter we reported on two wells completed in Haynesville line that IPed at 22 million and 26 million cubic feet a day. Those wells are currently producing 10 and 17 million cubic feet a day respectively with ultimate recoveries of 5 billion and almost 9 million cubic feet of gas. In 2009, we expect to complete 10 additional wells. More on DVN

- Petrohawk Energy  HK - Petrohawk was one of the first operators in the Haynesville Shale - ( from Seeking Alpha ) - At the forefront of the information we bring you today is our Haynesville Shale update. We've continued to increase our base in the shale in northwest Louisiana and East Texas. Our research and success indicate this to be a breathtaking opportunity in this awesome play.  We have discovered rock saturated with natural gas and with characteristics that make Petrohawk's' techniques for extraction work extremely well. Our first two wells have had initial production of nearly 17 million cubic feet per day each, higher evidently than some 2,000 shale wells I heard mentioned last week.  During 2008, we are planning to drill about 30 Haynesville horizontal wells and have a clear path to assembling a sizable rig fleet; 10 horizontal rigs by the end of this year and 20 during 2009. We have secured the rigs for this program, and we intend to execute this multiyear development program.  Our development plan calls for about 140 operated wells in 2009 and more wells in subsequent years. Our drilling program is positioned to drill at least one horizontal well per section in those sections that involve three-year lease terms. Should point out though, that only about half of our 300,000 net acres in the Haynesville area was leased on three-year terms, so our overall development horizon is greatly extended.  

Petrohawk recently placed four additional wells online utilizing production practices consistent with previously reported wells. The initial production rates of these wells averaged 17.7 Mmcfe/d, detailed as follows:
  • The Mack Hogan #4 (Bossier Parish, Section 3, 16N, 11W) had an initial production rate of 13.4 Mmcfe/d on a 24/64" choke with 6,350# flowing casing pressure.
  • The Osborne 8 #3H (Bossier Parish, Section 8, 16N, 11W) had an initial production rate of 18.8 Mmcfe/d on a 24/64" choke with 6,800# flowing casing pressure.
  • The Roos "A" #5 (Bossier Parish, Section 3, 16N, 11W) had an initial production rate of 15.1 Mmcfe/d on a 24/64" choke with 6,100# flowing casing pressure.
  • The Griffith 11 #1 (DeSoto Parish, Section 11, 13N, 14W) had an initial production rate of 23.3 Mmcfe/d on a 28/64" choke with 7,550# flowing casing pressure. This well is a significant step-out to the southwest from existing completions.
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- XTO Energy  XTO -  ( from Seeking Alpha ) Next was Hunt in June, a $4.2 billion acquisition, that was a nice bolt on in East Texas, our Freestone Trend happened to add Haynesville acreage position as well to what we already had and our Haynesville position anchored to about 100,000 acres.  We continue to acquire and what we believe is the core, so we really don't want to tell you where that might be. I think you will see us pick up additional acres, and we will probably drill three to four horizontal wells in Haynesville by the end of the year. That is kind of our plan. We are out actually testing some vertical in some of our acreage position. I again don't really want to talk about where that it is.  More on XTO

- Goodrich Petroleum ( GDP )- Goodrich GDP the Company believes approximately 100,000 gross (63,000 net) acres are currently prospective for Haynesville Shale development. Caddo Parish, DeSoto Parish Louisiana:  GDP has drilled and completed its second horizontal Haynesville Shale well in the field, the Chesapeake Energy Corporation - Graham 14H-1 (50% working interest, or WI), a 4,600 foot lateral completed with ten frac stages. The well is producing on a reduced choke of 20/64 inch choke with a 24 hour production rate of 11,400 Mcf per day and a ten day average of 11,200 Mcf per day.  The Company has drilled and is expected to complete the Chesapeake Energy Corporation - Branch 11H-1 (50% WI) and ROTC 1H-1 (50% WI) wells in March 2009.  The Company anticipates drilling 17 gross (seven net) Haynesville Shale horizontal wells in Bethany-Longstreet field during 2009, and currently has three rigs running in the field.

Surprise Prospect. In the third quarter of 2008, the Company acquired a 50% operated interest in approximately 5,000 gross acres in Nacogdoches County, Texas, targeting the Travis Peak, James Lime, Bossier and Haynesville Shale. Since closing the acquisition, the Company has drilled four wells and is currently drilling its fifth.

The Company has completed its Hill No. 1 (50% WI), a vertical Bossier Sand well, at 9,400 Mcf per day on a 16/64 inch choke with 7,150 psi.

The Company has completed its Tucker No. 1 (50% WI) in the Haynesville Shale. The well, which was a vertical test, encountered 200 feet of thickness in the Haynesville Shale, and had an initial production rate of approximately 600 Mcf per day. The well is currently being completed in the Bossier Shale and will ultimately be completed in the Travis Peak as well.  More on GDP

EOG Resources ( EOG ) - ( From Seeking Alpha ) We also have positive news to report from our first two EOG operated horizontal Hainesville wells. The Martin Timber #2 edge and the Bedsole 27#1H wells in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana each tested at gross rate of 17 million cubic feet a day. EOG has a 157% working interest in these wells respectively.
I note that because of pipeline limitations, wells are currently flowing to sales at a combined restricted rate of 17 million cubic feet a day. We currently have 116,000 net acres in the Hainesville play, and believe we have a three to four net Bcf potential on our acreage. We expect to drill 14 Hainesville wells in 2009.

Comstock Resources CRK - ( from seeking alpha ) - We currently have 86,032 gross acres and 70,504 net acres that we believe are perspective for Haynesville development. Given expected well Spacing of 80 acres and an expected well recovery rate of 5 Bcfe per well. Our acreage could have 3.3 Tcfe of reserve potential. We have two producing horizontal wells and are in the process of completing three more.

St Mary Land & Exploration  SM - 2/23/09 - In the Haynesville shale, St. Mary has reached total depth on it first operated horizontal Haynesville well. The Johnson Trust 1-2 well (SM 90% WI), located in the Spider Field in De Soto Parish, Louisiana, was drilled to an approximate measured depth of 15,100 feet and has a lateral length of roughly 3,300 feet. The well is scheduled to be completed in early March due to a delay related to the sourcing of proppant after the Company revised its original stimulation design. St. Mary’s current completion design calls for a ten stage, slick water fracture stimulation using slightly under three million pounds of premium resin coated sand. The next planned well in the Haynesville is expected to be in Shelby County, Texas, where the Company has a sizeable acreage position. St. Mary has approximately 50,000 net acres that are prospective for the Haynesville shale in East Texas and northern Louisiana. More..........

- Forest Oil Company ( FST ) -   The majority of Forest's acreage is in Harrison County, Texas and Red River, Webster and Bienville Parishes of Louisiana. ( From Seeking Alpha ) - totals approximately 127,000 net acres. Our acreage position was achieved from leasing and our acquisition activity for the last three years and that gives us an extremely low cost of entry into the play.  As a point, we sold about 200 net acres of non-operated Haynesville acreage to a competitor to complete their acreage position in the fourth quarter for $20,000 per acre. So getting the bulk of our acreages through acquisition demonstrates the additional value that can be derived from our purchase of assets in this key focus area.

We have continued gathering core data in Harrison County on the Haynesville and our initial analysis of the core shows good overall thickness with fracturing present. Gathering this core data will allow for us to further refine our geological interpretation, fracture stimulation and overall optimization of the play as we continue our planned two rig program in the Haynesville during 2009.

Harrison County drilled and cased and it will be fraced in the next two weeks. This well was successful in achieving a lateral length of 3,500 feet. We're planning a ten stage fracture treatment on this well and in addition to our operated completion activity; we have a non-operated well that is also complete. We have a second operated horizontal well underway in Harrison County that’s currently in the bill section of the hold and we are about to spud a third.

- Exco Resources ( XCO )XCO has been active at the Haynesville Shale and has 92,000 acres in the heart.  let’s talk a bit about the Haynesville shale. Two outstanding wells completed, both in Desoto Parish, both flowed very, very, very good rates on restricted chokes. We’ve got the one well that we’re completing now like Doug said, we’re on the eighth stage of a 10 stage frac.  Exco Resources thinks they are sitting on 4.5 tcf's of natural gas in their acreage.

- GMX Resources ( GMXR )-  GMXR announced that they will start drilling the Haynesville Shale this summer.  GMXR successfully closed its previously announced acreage acquisition. Effective July 1, 2008, the Company has added an additional 7300 net acres in Harrison, Marion, and Cass counties in East Texas plus acreage in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. The Company now operates a total of 28,000 net acres with 27,500 Haynesville/Bossier acres with 344 locations on 80 acre spacing.
- Encana ( ECA ) - Encana ECA is active in the Haynesville Shale. ( From Seeking Alpha ) -In the Haynesville shale play, we acquired additional acreage in the quarter, bringing our position to about 400,000 net acres, and an additional 63,000 net acres of mineral rights. Together with our partner, we're ramping up our activity in place to seven rigs by year end. Initial production from our second horizontal well averaged approximately 15 million cubic feet per day during an early two-day test. This exceeded expectations for the well. The Haynesville Shale is a very exciting emerging play with a potential to rival the quality and scope of the Barnett shale play.

- Encore Acquisition ( EAC )Encore EAC announced July 15th, 2008 that they have completed a Haynesville Shale acquisition.  The Company closed the acquisition July 15, 2008 and will immediately take over operations on five units currently producing from the Cotton Valley formation. Encore will also acquire the Haynesville rights in each of these units. Encore's average working interest and net revenue interest will be approximately 92 percent and 72 percent, respectively. This acquisition will add approximately 3,200 net acres to Encore's existing 10,000 net acres in the heart of the Haynesville play, giving Encore a total of 13,200 net acres. Encore also owns approximately 8,000 net acres in the rapidly expanding extensional area of the play for a total of 21,200 net acres in the Haynesville play. Encore is currently permitting locations and expects to add a rig to begin developing its acreage in the Haynesville play in early 2009.

Continental Resources  CLR - CLR has starting buying acreage in the Haynesville Shale.  They currently have 17,000 acres in Louisiana and will spud their first well in the fourth quarter.   In the rapidly expanding Haynesville shale play, we'll now control approximately 17,000 net acres in the Northern Louisiana area and continue to add acreage to our position. We expect to spud our first well in the fourth quarter.
Questar  STRQuestar STR is very active in the Haynesville Shale - Questar E&P now has Haynesville share rights to over 130,000 net acres in Northwest Louisiana. Our Haynesvillejourney, I would note, is now under way. We're drilling ahead on our first two Questar operated Haynesvilleshale wells, one each on the thorn lake and Woodardville properties. We're waiting for results on the first non-operated Haynesville well drilled in the Elm Grove Field. We also elected to participate in a second well outside the operating Haynesville well at Elm Grove. The Haynesvilleis a play that frankly is further up the curve as far as commerciality. I am sure that you're familiar with some of the results from offset operators including a recent well that was reported in the media over 16 million a day, from a horizontal later in the Haynesvilleand interestingly it is offset directly by Questar acreage on three of the four sides. These very interesting and encouraging early well results in the Haynesville spurred our interest.